Our Story

Want to know more about the story behind Gala Pal? Read on to find out how it all began!


We're Christine and Jonathan. We're married... to each other! No doubt you've heard of, read about, and watched all the crazy things that can happen while planning a big event like a wedding.

There's a lot to keep track of and it seems like there's never enough time.

Our own wedding planning process wasn't overly crazy. After all, we worked with a fantastic event planner and our family and friends graciously "volunteered" their services.

But even with all of that help, the process was stressful!

What made planning our wedding stressful was that the right tools weren't available to do all that we needed to do. So, we did what any (ir)rational couple planning a big, out-of-state wedding while juggling full-time jobs would do: we made the event-planning tools ourselves!

We started Gala Pal out of a desire to share what we've learned and built.

We started from a simple point: you know a lot of people and you want to invite them to your event(s). From that simple point, Gala Pal helps you with all of the other aspects of planning that follow along, like to-do lists, budgets, and RSVPs. We've organized the site so that, although your events can become increasingly complex, it's always easy to keep track of everything.

Ultimately, we want your events to be fun.

And one of the best ways to make them fun is for you to be organized and stress-free.

Gala Pal makes that possible!

Christine and Jonathan
Gala Pal Co-Founders