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From this feature, you can split all of your expenses into categories, edit your overall budget goal, and add specific items to budget categories – all in order to create an entire picture of how much your event is going to cost.

Fear not! The budget tracker and graph view of your predicted expenses can help you understand the ins and outs of your budget without having to waste time doing the math yourself.

Gala Pals

If your event is large or you are planning a party with a group, this feature allows you to add helpers – your Gala Pals – at no extra cost.

Your group can all collaborate and be up-to-date on all of the same information, instead of getting lost inside of endless emails and texts. Since you own the account, you will have all admin permissions with this feature.


This is the feature that needs no introduction. Within the RSVP section, you can see who’s coming, who isn’t, and the guests you need to contact in order to get an answer.

You can also manage your responses and add variables like meal options. Best of all, your guests can simply follow a link to give you all the information you’ve requested. No postage needed!

Message Guests

This is your communication hub on Gala Pal. From here, you can send group messages to your guests letting them know about changes, or you can send individual messages letting guests know that they still haven’t RSVP’d.


Invite family and friends as Gala Pals to help you plan


Track your guests’ RSVPs


Message your guests


Track your event to-do’s


Budget your event-related costs


Plan multiple events at the same time